We know the pop-up trend has permeated the retail industry … but now even cocktails have their own pop-up. Meet Miracle, an immersive Christmas-themed pop-up bar that serves holiday cocktails in a kitschy, yet festive, setting. Born back in 2014, the concept has grown from a single bar in the East Village to more than 90 locations across the country and around the world (…with pop-ups in the UK and New Zealand in 2018).

Each bar has its own unique decor, but none of them lack tinsel, garland, colorful lights, or nostalgic charm. And while the aesthetic may not be sophisticated, the cocktails are! From elderflower to wormwood bitters, each bar has the same carefully crafted cocktail menu full of unique and delicious ingredients. With names like the Snowball Old Fashion (with an actual snowball inside) and the Bad Santa, you can’t really go wrong.

I had the opportunity to check out Cincinnati’s first Miracle pop-up at The Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge and I definitely felt the holiday spirit (pun intended). I sampled both the Christmapolitan and the Run Run Rudolph and highly recommend both. So do yourself a favor and find your closest Miracle location for a little cheesy holiday fun, complete with delicious cocktails!

With the pop-up trend successfully expanding from retail to food and beverage, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other industries jumping on the “temporary buzz bandwagon” soon.