The Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois is filled with high-end historical dioramas. Designed by friends at BRC Imagination Arts, the displays help to bring history to a more personal level by placing the audience in the middle of the action.


Theme Parks are more popular that ever and have introduced state-of-the-art visuals, both built and virtual.  If museums want to maintain attendance and inspire a new generation of visitor, they must follow suit and create eye-catching environments.


While some museums have introduced virtual technology, the Lincoln Museum stands out as a charming and more intimate experience with tangible and tactile built scenes.

IMG_1562 (002)

Artistry and old school techniques bring each scene to life.


The figures were created by the Ohio-based exhibit and animatronic company, LifeFormations.


Each scene is accompanied by appropriate lighting, dialogue and sound effects to enhance the believability.


The sound of a crackling fire, moving flame and snoring, coming from Lincoln’s siblings in the loft above, drops the visitor inside a realistic environment – much more effective than reading a plaque under a dusty old photo.


“Ghosts of the Library” tells the story of how artifacts, papers and books preserve our history.  The show uses a live actor and a centuries old technique call Pepper’s Ghost to bring some of the images to life.


Visitors can walk through a re-creation of Lincoln’s store in New Salem.  The actual village of New Salem is about 20 minutes from the museum.


Museums, Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality can all benefit from the themed entertainment model, as a way of attracting new customers.