I’m always amazed at the number of Cincinnati and northern Kentuckians that I meet who have never been to Findlay Market. If you’re looking for an inspirational experience  to start your weekend, this is the place to go on a Saturday morning.

Findlay Market  will feed your senses. In addition to the abundance of fresh produce and flowers displayed outside, inside there is a visual feast of desserts, breads, seafood and meats. Several shops offer an unbelievable assortment of cheeses and olives.  On a Saturday morning, when the weather is warm, the energy level at 9:00 a.m. is infectuous. It’s not unusual to have a musician or two, as well as a juggler, entertaining on the sidewalks. The smell of fresh kettlecorn, coffee, and belgian waffles are impossible to resist.

My go-to places include Dean’s Mediterranean for turkish grape leaves and Shadeau breads, Kroeger & Sons Meats for their unique chicken sausages, and  wine tasting at Market Wines.

Celebrate something great about Cincinnati, and visit this Historical Landmark at 1801 Race Street.