What is FRCH 50?  Simply put, a company is only as good as its people. Which is why it’s safe to say we’re a pretty remarkable company. Our passion for our work and creativity is echoed in how we celebrate – unexpected, dramatic, but always fun! We’ve transformed our back lot into a farmyard (complete with animals), created a music festival pop-up in OTR, and hosted a karaoke happy hour in our lobby (it was for a good cause). We have employees that have met their spouses, raised their children and started a lifelong career here. Our mantra ‘See Something New’ is embedded in our culture – we don’t always get along, but we challenge each other with differing perspectives and celebrate originality.

Which is why, as we turn 50 this year, it only seems appropriate to celebrate our people. The people who have not only made their mark on FRCH, but those who have been transformed by FRCH in the process. Happy Anniversary FRCH! 

1. How long have you been at FRCH?

15 Years (check out my first FRCH headshot…)

2. What has been your favorite FRCH project you’ve been involved in, and why?

In general working on conferences for our Hilton projects are some of my favorites and we have done several over the years. We generally get a specific area within the conference that we create targeted message(s), through graphics and interior layouts, for the attendees, which can range from potential investors to current owners and general managers. I think my favorite part is getting to go to the conference, help set-up the actual footprint and then act as the “host” of the space. The Hilton Garden Inn GM Conference in 2013 was maybe the best, because I was bestowed the Pin-o-Power! (Don’t worry I still have it!)


3. What was your favorite FRCH Social Event and why?

As a long time Activities Committee member, and 5-time FRCH “Dance-off Champion” (one time being an International win!), I’m going to have to say the Anniversary Parties. Even though it can be crazy at times, I do really enjoy being on the team that plans the events, it is a different form of creativity than what I use in my “daily life”. Plus, I get to make sure the band will be playing the right dance music!

4. What is your funniest FRCH Memory?

Since I’ve here for a little while, it is hard to pin down just one. There was the Keeneland where we filled the backlot full of hay and miniature farm animals. Or the Anniversary Party where I thought wearing pants was a good idea (tip: they aren’t when you like to dance and the seams aren’t reinforced to super strength). Or the Hospitality teams love of collecting the wonderful mixed metaphors of Mike Davin (example: “They’ve used smoke and roses”). There is a movie, it explains them, really, I won a Golden Fitz for it!

5. What is your biggest hope for the future of FRCH?

I believe FRCH will always do great work because we always hire great people. But I think the great people are drawn to and stay with us because we have a culture that other firms can’t beat! It is created and maintained by the employees. So my hope is that that creation of culture keeps evolving and keeps drawing the great talent in! Oh, and to become a 6-time “Dance-off Champ” before I leave, obviously.