What is FRCH 50? Simply put, a company is only as good as its people. Which is why it’s safe to say we’re a pretty remarkable company. Our passion for our work and creativity is echoed in how we celebrate – unexpected, dramatic, but always fun! We’ve transformed our back lot into a farmyard (complete with animals), created a music festival pop-up in OTR, and hosted a karaoke happy hour in our lobby (it was for a good cause). We have employees that have met their spouses, raised their children and started a lifelong career here. Our mantra ‘See Something New’ is embedded in our culture – we don’t always get along, but we challenge each other with differing perspectives and celebrate originality.

Which is why, as we turn 50 this year, it only seems appropriate to celebrate our people. The people who have not only made their mark on FRCH, but those who have been transformed by FRCH in the process. Happy Anniversary FRCH!

Name: Jim Lazzari

Title: FRCH Chief Architectural Officer, NELSON Executive Vice President

1. How long have you been at FRCH?

34 years as of May, 2018 

2. What has been your favorite FRCH project you’ve been involved in, and why?

In 34 years, its hard to have only one favorite. So I have 3 (one for each decade?)

  • Macy’s, Kenwood Towne Center – It was the first new department store “ground up” construction for the firm and the new design for Lazarus Department Stores at the time – opened in 1988.
  • Lotte Department Stores – First international project and my first travel to Korea. Learning a different culture, karaoke, food and people. An incredible learning experience.
  • Field & Stream – Creating and launching a new retail brand in an era when nobody has been doing anything new.


3. What was your favorite FRCH Social Event and why?

A lot of good stuff here… Keeneland, softball team, Anniversary parties, Christmas parties (before they became Holiday parties), Golf Outings, Short’s Day and a few un-official birthday celebrations at Ms. Kitty’s (the original version). Why? Because they were truly “social” and provided a break from the work day. We typically kept to the unwritten rule of NOT talking about work at these events and that is how many good friendships developed and continue to this day.



4. What is your funniest FRCH Memory?

I’m very thankful that 34 years has provided many, many good laughs and most of them are related to the social events named above. But the funniest would typically be any event involving Steve McGowan or one particular Christmas party, but times have changed I cannot go into any details …………


5. What is your biggest hope for the future of FRCH?

I hope FRCH continues to grow and carry forward the values and culture that has fueled its success for the past 50 years. I hope the staff of FRCH understands the vast opportunities the firm provides for their personal and professional success. And I hope they pass these virtues onto the next generation of FRCH / NELSON to see the 75th Anniversary.