What is FRCH 50?  Simply put, a company is only as good as its people. Which is why it’s safe to say we’re a pretty remarkable company. Our passion for our work and creativity is echoed in how we celebrate – unexpected, dramatic, but always fun! We’ve transformed our back lot into a farmyard (complete with animals), created a music festival pop-up in OTR, and hosted a karaoke happy hour in our lobby (it was for a good cause). We have employees that have met their spouses, raised their children and started a lifelong career here. Our mantra ‘See Something New’ is embedded in our culture – we don’t always get along, but we challenge each other with differing perspectives and celebrate originality.

Which is why, as we turn 50 this year, it only seems appropriate to celebrate our people. The people who have not only made their mark on FRCH, but those who have been transformed by FRCH in the process. Happy Anniversary FRCH! 

1. How long have you been at FRCH?

22 years in August

2. What has been your favorite FRCH project you’ve been involved in, and why?

There are so many, for many different reasons – so it’s hard to choose, but I would say Macy’s Lakeside. I chose this project because it was my first ground-up Macy’s and the opening of this was a cornerstone to Macy’s 150-year anniversary celebration. I also recall how seamlessly our internal team partnered with each other. We also had, as always, great partnerships with the Macy’s teams in Cincinnati and Atlanta.

3. What was your favorite FRCH Social Event and why?

FRCH is very social, so all of our events are great, but I would have to say the Holiday Party. This day always brings great energy to the office with everyone going from floor-to-floor gathering tickets for the Fa, La, La Giveaway (FRCH’s internal scavenger hunt)! It is also the day our families can come to the office to celebrate with great food, holiday movies, crafts, and the ugly sweater competition – which Bonnie Graf was always very passionate about. My boys truly have enjoyed this event, and they know FRCH has THE REAL Santa!

4. What is your funniest FRCH Memory?

Sitting next to Tom Lambert when I first started in the Department Stores Studio. There was always some sort of comic relief with him. His banter with everyone passing by was entertaining to say the least and he would always introduce himself to new hires as Jim Lazzari. There are also so many funny memories outside the office from our survey trips, FRCH Golf Outings, Macy’s Golf Outings, Red’s games, Keeneland and Anniversary Parties.

5. What is your biggest hope for the future of FRCH?

50 more! I am very excited about the future of FRCH. My hope would be for all the young professionals starting here to grow and develop their careers for as long as I have, and to create the same type of relationships I have developed at FRCH. I have learned so much here and still continue to learn everyday – both professionally and personally. We have recruited friends (and family) here, and obtained family members. All the Rink’s are very lucky and feel blessed to be part of FRCH over the last 20+ years.