Whole Foods Market Dayton, FRCH Design, Creative FuelWednesday, our team took a quick road trip to the grand opening of the first Dayton-area Whole Foods Market. The new 45,000-square-foot store at Oak Creek Marketplace features local products (many made within 100 miles of the store), such as a new flavor of Jeni’s Ice Cream, and a collaboration beer with MadTree Brewing from Cincinnati offered at the in-store pub. Whole Foods Market goes beyond the typical grocery store experience with a coffee bar and growler fill station, fresh soup, salad and sandwich bars, and open service department layouts that bring the product closer to the customer, encouraging an interactive experience with both product and store employees. The design and in-store experience is customized per Whole Foods store to visualize the local flavor to their customers and to remain rooted in the traditions of the community. Each unique environment communicates their global brand values with modern interpretations, artful expressions, dynamic scale, iconic sculptural elements, pattern, texture and layered materiality, all with varying levels of permanence and changeability.

FRCH partnered with Whole Foods Market to bring the local Dayton experience to life through their unifying pure, inspiring, fresh, approachable and organic brand lens. Dayton’s unique heritage is built upon a legacy of innovation and of aviation. The environmental graphics are bold and straight-forward with a friendly, casual tone. The over-arching design tells a story of Dayton’s past and present with rustic materials juxtaposed in contemporary, unexpected ways. Blueprint-inspired illustration meets organic icons to speak to Dayton’s industrial roots personably. The Wright Brothers‘ story is woven subtly throughout and takes impactful residence in the Beer & Coffee Bar. Your eye is drawn upward as colorful bike wheels create a sculptural element from above. An eclectic mix of seating invites you to stay awhile in comfort or have a quick bite with friends. Bar stools made of actual bike parts surprise and delight in their craftsman detail. Modern rocking chairs brightly punctuate the spacious outdoor café with a sense of motion. Here, the big idea of local & industry are matched with the sense of play and personality. Even upon first approach, through the large-scale, transparent façade — you are witness to the insurmountable energy and excitement from afar.

Happy Grand Opening Whole Foods Market Dayton!