Out on the edge of the Hamptons, there are a couple of small hotels that may be a vision for the future of hospitality.

Ruschmeyers and the Surf Lodge embrace the ordinary in extraordinary ways.  Everything you see is familiar – maybe a toy from your childhood, or a cup from the family cabin. It all comes together to create an atmosphere that is chic, witty and comfortable with an incredible sense of deja-vu from your family’s summer vacation in a different decade.

Throughout both hotels editing the ordinary is an art, and these possessions speak volumes about place – this place.  The spaces never get themey.  They are timeless yet clearly speak to today.

Can every hotel do this?  No, we wouldn’t want that.  This is too easy to do badly. Should we have more hotels like this?  Absolutely.  Every great design tells a story, and sometimes designing with the most humble elements can speak volumes.