There’s a little gem of a store at 72 Spring Street in Soho, Manhattan.

Called C. Wonder, Christopher Burch opened the store in October of 2011, and has 3 others on the outskirts of New York. Brightly striped green and white laminated walls, along with a floral vespa, greet you as you enter through the big green over-sized doors, boldly emblazoned with a distinctive “C” . The store is a series of small shops with unique  appeal, each housing a curated assortment of everything from housewares and textiles to jewelry and apparel.

This store is very fun, with some quirky color combinations and geometric patterns that just somehow seem to work.

The merchandise presentation is done well, particularly in more difficult categories like eyewear and aprons.

The fitting rooms have touch screens that allow you to control the lights and the music. In addition to a central cash wrap, sales associates roam the store with itouches that can complete sales transactions. Bag stands hold the appropriate materials to package each purchase.

I was charmed by this store, and they were very gracious in allowing me to photograph at will. Next time I will shop!