A recent business trip to Connecticut had our team determined to see something more of this beautiful state beyond our hotel. On an evening that was warm enough to hint at spring, we drove the country backroads from Meriden to the shore town of  Clinton. A right turn at Town Marina Road did not disappoint. This residential road, filled with 19th century homes, eventually led to a small marina and lobster shack, which were the quintessential picture  of small town New England.

This vantage point  has a stunning view of Long Island Sound. While dormant for the winter, one can only imagine what this small slice of Connecticut is like on busy summer weekends, when the population swells from 13,500 to 20,000. Picnic tables now stacked next to the Lobster Landing will be set up and  filled with families and friends enjoying the catch of the day.  A lone boat that is  tied to the dock will soon be joined by many more, with fishermen emptying their traps after a long day at sea. Hopefully we will be back in the summer to experience this in reality, but for now are content to enjoy the late-March beauty of  it.