Just before I left for my recent tour in France, a good friend and lighting designer posted about the Atelier des Lumieres exhibit on Facebook. Once I realized it was in Paris, I quickly bought my ticket online. So late one Saturday afternoon I hopped the Metro and arrived at Atelier des Lumieres

I walked into the space and immediately had goosebumps. The vast warehouse space was flooded with digital images covering both the walls and floor, each display perfectly choreographed to music. The images washed seamlessly over smaller rooms within the warehouse. The experience immerses you in the art. I, like others in the space, found a place to sit on the concrete floor to sit back and enjoy. It was inspiring to see people come into the space and be in awe of the experience.

There are 3 distinct programs Gustav Klimt, Hundertwasser – Vienna Secession, and a contemporary piece Poetic_AI. Each one was truly inspiring, creative, and beautiful. If you happen to be traveling abroad, I highly recommend checking it out.